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We Just Made Having a Christmas Decorating Contest Much Easier!

If your community always does a stellar job of decorating for Christmas and want to hold a contest to see which home deserves an aware, or if you want to offer an incentive for more homeowners to get involved in decorating, check our the new features in this new plugin:

Click here to download and read the Community Decorating Contest Plugin

This is a working model of what a homeowner or resident can use to cast their vote for one or more winners through your community website

The concept is pretty simple: There are some homeowners and residents that go out of their way to decorate or light their home certain times of the year and to encourage this engagement in the community from all residents, an association will have a contest, award one or more winners, and ask the community to vote to determine these winners. That’s where this new plugin makes this process easy and fun.

Go ahead and give it a try yourself by using the "demo" below, then call or email to activate this feature for your community website.

Annual Holiday Lighting Contest

My HOA will once again be holding the Annual Holiday Lighting Contest! The Top 5 Displays for Best Holiday Lighting will each receive a $100 Visa Gift Card.

To vote, just login to the HOA’s website & click on the voting icon on the home page. Then enter the addresses of your 5 favorite displays. You may vote for up to 5 homes, but only one vote for each of your favorites, please.

  • Contest begins December 8th
  • Deadline to vote is December 21st
  • Awards will be delivered by December 24th

Please participate and show your holiday spirit by letting your lights shine bright!!

Who Gets Your Vote?

You can vote for up to 5 homes.

* list is sorted by street name and then number

    View Voting

* Please note: Only one vote per homeowner. Only Homeowners of My HOA may vote. Email contents need only contain the address of the residence you're voting for. Winner will be announced after close of contest. Votes tallied by your management company. All decisions are final.

  • Completely Configurable: Everything about this new plugin is configurable, so it can easily accommodate different images, content, header, promotional text, instructions, rules, total list of property addresses in the association, number of homes to vote for, how to display ongoing results, etc., you have complete control

  • Vote Tally: Tallying the vote once voting is closed is easy and an Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded by management or the contest administrator to easily help understand the winning vote(s).

  • Voting Expiration: Automatically close voting by specifying a date/time, which will prevent any further votes from being accepted.

  • Total Number of Homes Voted: Set the total number of available homes to vote for anywhere from one to five.

  • Vote Results: Configure the plugin so that voters can automatically see how their vote affects overall voting by offering a colorful and informative pie chart, column chart, line chart, a choice of all charts, or none.

  • Force Vote All: If offering more than one winner, in terms of Total Number of Homes Voted, configure the plugin to either force the vote to select a choice for all open slots or don’t.

  • Same Property Votes: Allow voters to “stuff the ballot box” by allowing same property votes if “Total Number of Homes Voted” is configured for more than one. This is similar to voting on the popular talent shows on television.

  • Notifications: Because we want management or the contest administrator to monitor the progress of the contest, notifications can be sent to one or more people as votes begin to come in.

This is a complete working model for you to play with, so why not go ahead and explore. See if this isn't something you can use for your community.