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We Just Made Contacting the Association Much Easier!

If your community is active and looking to better your communications, or maybe just looking to give residents better tools to communicate with the Board of Directors or management company, we've got great news for you!  We've just upgraded our standard Contact Us online form and added significant features such as:

Click here to download and read the New Online Contact Us Form Press Release

This is a working model of what a resident can use on the Contact Us page of your community website

When a resident needs to contact someone, they need to easily find a means to do so, otherwise frustration occurs and can lead to irritation.  We make find this form easy and then give them all the tools needed to give you the information you want to follow-up.

Go ahead and give it a try yourself by using the "demo" below, then call or email to activate this feature for your community website.

Please use this form to contact the Association for any reason

Select the appropriate box below regarding the nature of your inquiry: *

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  • Separate Issue Redirection: You can now have up to 6 separately listed Issue Categories and route each individually to its own recipient, the same recipient, or a combination of both.

  • Fields can be optional: You can now require or remove completely fields such as Property Address and Phone Number.

  • Content Filtering: All content provided on the form is now filtered in our attempt to limit the Junk that bots and spammers try sending. Content is blocked up-front before it even gets routed.

  • Human Verification: We moved the bot detection and verification earlier in the process so, like Content Filtering, we filter out as much Junk as possible

  • Information Confirmation: The information provided by the person submitting the form is displayed on this final step as a way of confirming what they have provided and offering a means to change anything before it is submitted.

  • Supporting Images: Residents can now attach up to three images (“png”, “jpg”, “jpeg”, and “bmp”) in support of their submission. For security purposes, these images are added to a PDF document, “stamped flat”, and added as an attachment to the email sent to the recipient. As a bonus, we also add the contents of their submission to the first page of the PDF, so it can be filed electronically or printed and used as needed.

This is a complete working model for you to play with, so why not go ahead and explore. See if this isn't something you can use for your community.