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Creek bluff Digital Media Services - Social Media


A personal touch is what drives success in the social media realm, and the ever changing knowledge of what’s next. We focus on all of these, allowing consumers and the community to voice what they want to see, hear, and say, thus acting upon those suggestions. No matter how big or how small a company is, social media is a powerful, limitless tool to reach and connect with potential consumers. In doing so, it has proven extremely successful in our past and current ventures through the social media world for our clients.


Design Process:

Create Facebook page with branded content (including cover photo & a profile picture). Build Facebook tabs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Welcome/Landing page for new followers
  • Current locations page, including contact information
  • Company info page

Weekly Activity:

1-2 Daily Posts per day / 5 days a week (Monday-Friday)

  • Posts to include customer testimonials, product reviews/news, initiate follower participation in polls and topics
  • Budget for Facebook Ad outreach
  • Respond appropriately to Facebook questions, concerns and feedback (Blogging)

Design Process:

Create profile, complete with written bio, contact information and professional profile picture.

Weekly Activity:

1 blog post per week

  • Topics to include informative articles that revolve around key areas of the current company.


Design Process:

Create company Pinterest page with descriptive bio and professional profile picture.

Weekly Activity:

2 "pins" or "repins" 5 days a week (Monday-Friday)

  • Increase potential customer base by using as exposure
  • Share photos of Brothers Sauces, dishes and fan photos
  • Encourage current consumers to share their photos with us


Design Process:

Create company YouTube page with descriptive bio, professional profile picture, and implemented social media click-thrus linking to additional company platforms.

1-2 videos per month

* Videos can be created by the company itself, or content can be created via V.King Media. For video creation objectives and pricing, please contact me directly.


Design Process:

Create company Twitter page with descriptive bio, professional background designed and implemented, and links to website and/or additional social media platforms.

2 - 5 tweets per day / 5 days a week (Monday-Friday)

  • Tweets to include links to website, social media outlets, current specials, current giveaways, photos of products, retweets from related companies, and top news stories related to your companies current industry.
  • Respond appropriately to tweets and private messages left on company page in a timely fashion.


Design Process:

Create a detailed, professional profile that includes a customized profile URL, and connect with additional company social media platforms such as Twitter to enhance your LinkedIn reach with others.

Choose a Basic or Premium account based on individual needs.

*A basic account is free, a premium account incurs a fee.


Design Process:

Create a detailed, professional profile that includes a customized profile picture, short bio, and link to website.

2 - 5 posts per week (Monday-Friday)

  • Posts to include company photos, fun, relatable content in the form of photographs and quotes, current specials, current giveaways, and/or photos of your current product/service.