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Social Media Training (Individual and/or Team)

There are additional applications to utilize in the social media realm. In fact, social media platforms are considered limitless these days.

A number of applications are “business friendly”. What I mean by this is there are particular social media applications that can only be used by the business itself, and not outsourced to a social media expert to maintain on a weekly basis.That’s where social media training comes into play.

There are useful, insightful and extremely popular social media platforms that are growing by leaps and bounds from an individual standpoint.

This includes (but is not limited to) applications such as:

  • Periscope - Live video feeds on your phone to not only share with current consumers, but with potential consumers.
  • SnapChat - Shared short videos and photos to current consumers and potential consumers.

Social media training will not only allow yourself, but others within your company to share their experiences with the world. Taking the time to encourage and equip your staff with the knowledge of social media, how it works, and how to utilize it fully, will create lasting, meaningful connections within your company and with consumers.