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"Just launching a website isn't the only thing you should think about...long-term"

Certainly, choosing the right design and development firm is one of the most important elements of launching your website correctly - the first time - but think about the last time you bought a computer, mobile device, or other gadget. Let's broaden the thought-topic - think about anything you've ever purchased. Yes, the quality of the product and how well it was going to work was key in your decision to making the purchase, but what about the care you were provided after the purchase?  Was it difficult connecting with someone to get service?  We focus on your needs and deliver stellar design, development, and maintenance services with Fanatical Care, personalized just for your needs.

Let's focus on what will drive demand for the content on your website!

In the many years we've been working for others, we've come to understand something about ourselves: While we're great at graphics and website design, writing code, building out platforms and extending frameworks, supporting and maintaining everything from server farms, to databases, to content, we feel that our focus on certain needs are better served than others. In short, we believe we know what makes the dynamic between us work best!  Here's our thought on the topic:

  • Website Design: We know what makes a good website and what doesn't, so why not lean on our expertise and let us act as your guide through this digital space?!

  • Hosting: We only host our own work. This ensures we are intimately familiar with how a website was constructed and our web farm is not struggling with bad code.

  • Content Maintenance: Need your content updated? No worries. Send it to us and we'll make sure it looks great when we reply back. Have updated documents to add? No worries again! Send what you need updated and we always reply back with a "verify and confirm" statement so you know precisely when it's ready.

  • Hardware: We make sure the equipment needed to make your website available to visitors is always top-notch. Because we only host our own code, it makes it easy for us to QA what is put on these servers, back it up with consistency, and make sure it remains optimally available to you and your visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Search Engine Optimization: We chose the platform we did, because it has "white-hat" SEO techniques built into it, which will help your website grow "credibility" over time, through major search engines. Targeted SEO, worth what is advertised, normally comes at a much higher price, and we can help provide guidance in terms of credible firms focused on this. Rather, we let the platform we build your website on, do the work for us and have found that we are still found above the fold, on the first page, every time.

  • Compliance Requests and Inquiries: We make sure that requests sent to us from entities such as ICANN are promptly complied with. We handle everything for you and only involve you in the event we really need to involve you. We also help provide guidance through the myriad of services in cyber-space that want you to release your domain name to them and sign up for their SEO services - none of which have ever panned out.

  • Renewals: Most folks just see a website...and that's a successful goal for us. However, there are a number of items that must be renewed on a regular basis that we handle for you as part of our service to you.

  • Internet Bad Guys: You experience it at your favorite store is compromised, networks are hacked at major companies, the constant barrage of junk flowing into your email inbox: it's a never-ending battle. Let's face it...there is no sure-fire, 100% guarantee that a website or server farm won't be hacked, but you'll find an advocate in us when it comes to doing everything possible in protecting your digital investment.

Core Beliefs

Sometimes, it's difficult finding anyone who will stand strong in their convictions and beliefs, but we've been designing and building software long enough to know there are ways to deliver a project...and ways to deliver a successful project. Whether it's an HOA website, a small business website, or a charitable website, we've built enough solutions to help guide you through the ups-and-downs of the decision process needed to understand how to drive traffic to your message.

HOA websites:

  • We believe that these websites don’t only serve the homeowners who paid to launch it and are paying for the regular upkeep of it, but also two other very important groups: potential buyers and realtors. While homeowners are the focus of content serving the HOA, others, outside the association are looking at the website for glimpses of information that may swing their decision in favor of buying a home in that community.

  • We believe that a website has to be easy to find through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Not only does this serve the homeowners who are quickly looking for an Architectural Design Guideline document and other content, but those that may be looking for an HOA in your city, or by those that may have visited your community. Being able to easily find your HOA website and its content on the first page, above the fold, is our focus and built into the way we design the layout, navigation, and content.

  • We believe that everyone has something to contribute and while that may be true, there are those within an HOA who may be more knowledgeable than others and some of these homeowners will want to use that knowledge to directly participate in the upkeep of content on their website; these people are what we call Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). That’s why we design and build all of our websites using a commercially available and professional-grade Content Management System (CMS). While your monthly maintenance and hosting fees cover an hour each month of making change requests of us, it also empowers a Board of Directors-approved SME from the community to also make changes, with nothing more than simple copy/paste commands, to seasoned coding expertise.

  • We believe that there are inherent challenges, obstacles, and rewards to serving on a Board of Directors for an HOA and understand first-hand what is involved with deciding how to use the limited funds available each year in the budget, communicating and keeping neighbors up-to-date with News and Events, and keeping homeowners engaged in their own community. We live in and have served in our own HOA's, so we understand first-hand, and we're here to help ease that burden.

  • All websites:

  • We believe a website has to be easily navigable, content has to be easily found, and News and Events pertaining to the organization have to be easy to understand and read. The many years of experience we bring to website development, allows us to use this expertise and build a website that serves those that are tech-savvy, in addition to those that might be a little tech-challenged.

  • We believe quick-turnaround and timely updates to a website are probably the most important element of a website after being built and launched; second only to accuracy. There is nothing worse that can happen to a website after being launched than the content goes stale and everybody knows it so stops using the website. This can easily be identified by simply looking at the copyright year of any website you visit. Normally, if this isn't updated, then you probably have a stale website and folks aren't coming back regularly for information.

  • We believe in providing fanatical, over-the-top customer care. Change-requests don’t linger for weeks – they’re normally completed and confirmation is sent within an hour or less. Your website is up when you want it – we’re constantly monitoring to make sure we offer the highest rate of up-time. Our expertise and experience becomes yours – partnering with an organization to help navigate through new digital space makes for a better experience for all visitors.

  • Fanatical Care

    While each of our websites is designed and built in such a way that you could maintain your own content, why would you?! We're the experts and can easily accomplish change requests quicker than you have time for. If you want your own Subject Matter Expert to handle changes, we're happy to give you that control. However, we include an hour of maintenance each month as part of our service plan with you, so we're happy to participate how you want us to help.  You'll find that we always give more than we receive!

    Here is our Service Care Commitment to you:

    We start working through our dizzying list of change-requests and regular maintenance items each day beginning at 6am through 4pm CST, Sunday through Saturday.

    While better than 85% of change-requests we receive are completed and confirmed within an hour (or less) of being sent, our commitment to completing the update is:

    • Sunday through Thursday, during these times, we'll have that change completed within 24 hours.
    • Friday and Saturday, during these times, we'll have that change completed within 72 hours.

    We prioritize how we approach everything:

    • Highest Priority - Outages: It doesn't happen often, but when a problem occurs, we make sure all our efforts are focused on correcting the issue.
    • Second Highest Priority - Change Requests: We know that you didn't just send us your changes so they can sit in our queue. We are constantly monitoring for these and act on them as quickly as possible.
    • Third Highest Priority - New Design and Build-outs: We're good at designing and building, but it means nothing if we can't get your new website to a place where you can begin watching it get built, review, and finally launch.
    • Last on the List - Exploration: We're constantly exploring new and emerging technologies that we can add to websites, to improve user experience and add value to the content you want people to find. This is our play-time and we love playing!