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Why your small business needs a website

Your competition for that "customer" is huge

Think about it a minute...we live in the digital age. Is a phone number printed on the side of a vehicle enough to get a customer to call?

We don't think so. What we know is that everyone is online, all the time. Branding your business in the minds of your customers and those that don't know you yet, should include a robust website, to complement your other advertising. Car-signage, professionally produced fliers, ads in the locally mailed package of offers, door hangers, and many other and much more expensive means of advertising aren't going to mean anything if your customer can find you online with a smart phone, while standing in line while shopping, or at home or an office in front of a computer.

Making information about your business available online is one of the most affordable ways of telling customers about what you do and who you are. The best thing about your online digital presence, through your website, is that not only does it give customers a comfort-level about your business, but changes to your message are included in your monthly service and happen near real-time.

Content and information about your business has to be easily found...

...period...end of sentence! You have roughly seven seconds to make an impression on a customer in the world we live in, so make every opportunity count. You know how it is! Your competition is fierce! Most likely, they're A-gamers and you're fighting for each and every customer, looking for the products and services you offer. If a potential customer is trying to figure out if you're the person to contact, but the message your competition offers is more clear and easier to understand, you're going to lose. You already know this, that's why you're researching new tools you can add to your toolbox. Let's make your message lightning-brilliant, rocket-fast, and laser-focused, so that your customers can quickly and easily understand you are precisely what they've been looking for.

Your website needs a facelift!

You're smart! You're smart enough to be in business for yourself. You were smart enough to recognize a website could help your business grow. As expected, your business grew, customers needed more of your time, and the normal rigors of a successful business began taking over. Maintaining content on your website seems to keep being moved down the prioritization ladder. Next thing you know, your website is out of date, maybe your phone number has changed, and customers quit finding you online. Worse yet, major search engines notice that your content is stale and out-of-date, so your website, which when first launched, was found on the first page of results, begins to lose digital credibility and falls in rankings. Customers can no longer find you online. The good news is that there are quick and immediate fixes to these problems.

If we've got you thinking, let's take things a step further!