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What is included with our what you should expect from everyone

Professional Design and Development Services

We're not shy about telling you that not only are we going to create and deliver a website that is over-the-top attractive, but you are securing the services of a team that has been writing and launching applications for many years.  These seasoned software engineers and graphics designers have launched countless software applications, coupled with their first-hand knowledge and experience with small businesses, are now building and supporting small business websites that are perfectly designed to attract and keep your customers.

A user experience perfectly suited for a mixed tech-savvy audience

We've spent years perfecting the user experience, knowing that some customers are really tech-savvy and others aren't so much. However, we want you to know that we're constantly monitoring usage, latest trends, and user behavior to understand how we can constantly make improvements to this user experience. These adjustments come at no additional expense to your business and insure that your customers are not going to end up with an out-of-date look in a very short time.

Quick and Timely Updates

We all know that changes are inevitable and necessary to keep a website up-to-date, so waiting for changes to occur that don't happen quickly are a big pain and can hurt your business!

As part of your monthly maintenance, we turn most changes around in an hour or less, because we know that changes are important to good communication with your customers and are probably  one of the most important elements of a website after being built and launched; second only to accuracy. There is nothing worse that can happen to a website after being launched than the content goes stale and everybody knows it so stops using the website. This can easily be identified by simply looking at the copyright year of any website you visit. Normally, if this isn’t updated, then you probably have a stale website and folks aren’t coming back regularly for information.

Designed with Subject Matter Experts in Mind

We believe that anyone can be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in areas that are more knowledgeable than others and there are some business owners who will want to use that knowledge to directly participate in the upkeep of content on their website. That’s why we design and build all our websites using a commercially available and professional Content Management System (CMS). While your monthly maintenance and hosting fees cover an hour each month of us making change requests on your behalf, it also empowers you or someone who works for you to also make changes.

A conversation can quickly help you understand more about our service!