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You're a smart cookie, so think about this a minute...

That "free" service you just subscribed to is going to cost you...big time

Yes, it's true. We're admitting to it can put up your own website for free, and sometimes they aren't that bad looking either. There...we said it! But listen to this - what you save in real money, we guarantee you'll pay for somewhere else. Proof is easily found using any search engine you can get your hands on. Your search will find a few good small business websites, but many times more that are in really bad shape...and we know why.

So many small business websites are an after-thought, probably by an owner who was seeking a new advertising channel and sought out one of these free services.  It was easy...drag and drop here...add some content and pretty pictures there...and launch!  Done!

There is a cost associated with every decision and in this case, it's immediately evident when the ads started popping up every time you click on something, solicitations everywhere! Or there was the promise of a free website, until after it was launched, then the fee's for this and that, start rolling in.

There are even pitfalls using Social Media as your main form of communication to customers.  Do you have time to maintain this content, answer inquiries online, handle negative feedback like a PR pro?!

Free websites and Social Media are great tools to use for sharing photos and cheaply completing school projects, but let's get you really want one of the most important tools in your business toolbox to be the cheapest and poorest-quality, especially knowing that this particular tool could have a significantly positive impact on the success of your business?

A business owner should rarely ever build and manage their own website

Hey, we know you're an expert at what you do. We get it! However, are you also an expert in the many things that are needed to make your business successful online?!

We've seen it countless times...a business owner registers a domain and gets a free website with it for a year. Puts all the content they think is needed on the website and releases it. The business owner has great expectations for the growth they'll see through their new website, until...

...reality hits and that business owner now comes to understand that changing out content is a requirement just like meeting payroll every couple of weeks. Worse than that, while most of these services provide for a drag-and-drop experience to build and maintain content, if you really want the cool looking and fancy stuff, you've got to get a bit technical and figure out things like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.  Eventually, it becomes too much to deal with, seems okay if the website doesn't receive updates another day, and before you know it, your website looks like it was built in the 1980's using some tired old website tool. Digital death of what started out as good-intent.

All is lost, right?! Not at all! We can help in so many ways! We're itchin' to talk it over with you!

We're baffled why anyone would pay for a website service and then still have to maintain their own content

Seriously! Help us understand this one. Why on earth, would anyone subscribe to a paid website service and then still have to be responsible for updating and maintaining their own content on a regular basis. It just doesn't make sense to us! That's like paying to have your nails done...and you have to do all the work!

For the same price or less as what some of these provider's of small business websites are offering, we also give your website up to an hour of changes each month, so content is always fresh, new promotions are listed, and your customers keep coming back.

The solution is really easy to understand...keep it as simple as possible. After we design and build a really great looking website for a flat fee, we work with you to keep the content fresh and relevant, so customers and visitors continue to come back time-after-time. Tip Alert: Constantly fresh content is one of the secrets needed to gain and keep status in search engines, so your business can easily be discovered when folks want to find it.

Now would be a good time to contact us and have that conversation!