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We Just Made Reserving Your HOA Amenity Easy!

If your community has a pool, pool house, lake house, gazebo, park, amenity center, meeting center, grill area, dog park, amphitheater, workout facility, tennis or basketball courts, etc., that residents can reserve for their use, then this is the plugin for you!

The Amenity Center Reservation plugin is completely configurable. All of the fields, questions, drop down lists, check boxes...everything is configurable. Why...we've made it so simple that you can even configure the header text, teaser sentence, disclaimer below, and everything about the email that is sent, all the way up to and including the text in the body of the email.  The best thing is, is that if you already have our Dynamic Online Forms installed on your website, we'll put the request in a PDF, stamp it, and make it available for homeowners in their personal online document library.

This is a complete and working model for you to play with. So why not go ahead and explore. See if this isn't something you can use for your Homeowners Association.

This widget demonstrates what a homeowner will see on their Homeowner Dashboard

When a homeowner signs into their HOA website, they "land" on the Homeowner Dashboard. This is a page that gives all homeowners an overview of community activities and includes the personal Homeowner Forms Store library if Dynamic Online Forms has been licensed.

Go ahead and give it a try yourself by using the "wizard" below, then come back and look for your reservation on our "Homeowner Dashboard"...just as a homeowner would.

Community Amenity Planning Calendar

 = Approved
 = Pending Review

This "wizard" demonstrates how a homeowner will enter their reservation request

We've tried to make the User Interface as easy as possible, in what can be a very complicated topic of managing dates and events, so homeowners will easily be able to navigate through, providing as much or as little detail as required.

Amenity Center Rules and General Request

The Creek Bluff Amenity Center is available for rental by the homeowners of the Creek Bluff Homeowners Association. Reservations can be made by completing and submitting this online request.

Step 1: Let's first see if the date you want is available!

Let's find a date that works for your event. Enter the start date and time of your event and then click the Check Availability button. Keep in mind that when scheduling your event, we'll ask for at least 15 minutes between back-to-back events.

When is your event starting?

NOTE: Pool facility will NOT be closed to the homeowners at any time during a function. The pool cannot be reserved for private parties. Only the amenity center may be rented and reserved for private parties, where occupancy shall not exceed 40 people.