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We are thought leaders with one persistent goal...always be innovating

Creek Bluff Digital Media Services is constantly designing, building, and releasing new features to our websites and core platform, because we believe we must always be moving forward with better technology and standing still just isn't an option for us. Here are the Press Releases for each major feature we've released for this platform:

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Published: June 2019

ACC Submissions w/Voting Member Option

The list of add-ons now available to serve communities and their membership through community websites continues to grow with the latest addition of this long-awaited and important plugin and will allow homeowners to electronically submit ACC Request forms instead of the traditional methods of downloading and completing a PDF, returning it along with supporting documentation via scanned email, fax, or postal service, and awaiting a reply before contractors begin arriving to perform the work.

At Creek Bluff and as homeowners themselves, they understand well the challenges the current process presents, not only for homeowners, but for management and voting members too, so they greatly modernized the paper process by converting it to electronic, then added a bunch of options to make it one of their most feature-rich add-ons yet.

As an overview to what can be highly complex: This new feature allows homeowners to submit their ACC Request online, complete with supporting documentation and electronic signature. Once submitted, Property Management is notified and they review and can either return to the homeowner for more information, or forward on to a Voting Committee to chat back-and-forth online and then vote. Once voting is complete or meets a minimum threshold (completely configurable), the ACC Request is returned to Property Management and they when notified, returns the completed request to the homeowner; all done online.

All of the history associated with an ACC Request, voting, actions, instructions, chat, completed form with supporting documentation, etc., that occurred during the process of submitting, reviewing, voting, and notifying, are all stored electronically for future reference by the management company and voting members, and the completed form with supporting documentation is stored in the Personal Forms Store for the homeowner, found on the Homeowner Dashboard of the community website for future homeowner reference.

Click here to download and read the New Online ACC Submissions with Member Voting

This feature has a demo

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Published: November 2018

Contact Us Form

At Creek Bluff Digital Media Services, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to provide better tools and features for residents to use on the community websites we build and maintain, and recently a familiar tool found on the Contact Us page of all our community websites underwent a design and feature upgrade.

While we’ll continue to offer the familiar online form on every Contact Us page as default to every new community website, the newly upgraded form provides the additional features, which we know will excite most managers and boards.

Click here to download and read the New Online Contact Us Form

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Published: July 2018

Community Decorating Contest Plugin

TThe concept is pretty simple: There are some homeowners and residents that go out of their way to decorate or light their home certain times of the year and to encourage this engagement in the community from all residents, an association will have a contest, award one or more winners, and ask the community to vote to determine these winners. That’s where this new plugin makes this process easy and fun.

Click here to download and read the Community Decorating Contest Plugin

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Published: May 2017

Amenity Reservations

Every time the engineers at Creek Bluff Digital Media Services design, build, and deliver something new, we think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and while they are constantly looking for ways to improve and add features for homeowners in communities they support, they can safely say with all confidence, this new plugin is so much better than sliced bread, they’re willing to bet the kitchen sink!

If your community has a pool, pool house, lake house, gazebo, park, amenity center, meeting center, grill area, dog park, amphitheater, workout facility, tennis or basketball courts, or anything else that homeowners use and need to schedule activities, then you might want to consider taking a look at the following features that they’ve built into the new Online Amenity Reservation plugin.

Their latest addition to the growing list of plugins they now offer for HOA websites, allows homeowners to reserve an amenity for their use. The interface is easy and intuitive, but is highly configurable, which makes it easy for homeowners to comply with such things as hours of availability, maximum number of guests, fees and deposits, clean-up instructions, etc. This new feature also offers an easy-to-view addition to the Homeowner Dashboard, which homeowners see immediately upon sign-in to the HOA website, which quickly lets them know if their valued asset is available or not. Check out the following list of features and cost to install, configure, and launch, as well as a walk-thru using screen-shots of the new plugin. This new feature is also available for you to “play with” by clicking on the address, which can be found later in this announcement.

Click here to download and read the New Online Amenity Reservation Plugin

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Published: January 2017

Neighborhood Directory

The engineers and designers at Creek Bluff Digital Media Services are constantly looking for ways to improve the User Experience for homeowners in communities we support…and boy, do we have a good one for you this time!

In compiling the suggestions we’ve received from homeowners and property managers, we’ve overwhelmingly noticed a recurring theme: the old Neighborhood Directory was difficult to use and needed to be improved. So as our first new plugin for the year, we decided to focus on building a more robust, easier-to-use, and quicker Neighborhood Directory.

Click here to download and read the New Online Neighborhood Directory

This feature has a demo

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Published: September 2015

Dynamic Forms

We’ve been at it again! With designer’s busy designing and developers busy building, we wanted to let you know that a new feature we know homeowner leadership and property managers alike are going to get excited about!

Depending on your HOA, we're willing to bet that homeowners have at least one form that is regularly completed and submitted to the Property Management Company, if not multiple forms. In working with associations, the one thing we've discovered is that completing and sending one or more forms is part of the process when you live in an association. Whether it's a form to seek permission to paint your home, request a pool key, reserve the amenity center, etc., forms are part of your organization's life-blood. So why not simplify and provide for better tracking.

Introducing a new plugin designed exclusively for use with our HOA websites. Thus new addition to the growing family of features available on our websites, is completely customizable and works with just about any Adobe PDF document that needs to be submitted.

Click here to download and read the Online Dynamic Forms Plugin Announcement

This feature has a demo

Click here try the demo

Published: June 2015

Lost and Found Pets

We’ve been heads-down and neck-deep in code again, designing and building a new feature we know homeowners are going to get excited about.

We see it from community-to-community…someone loses a dog or cat, makes a nice flier, and then plasters every light post, pole, and community facility in a two mile radius. Hey…we’re not judging…we would do the same if we lost one of our loved ones! We also know that when someone finds a pet, they may not know what to do so they call the local animal shelter and that little loved one may or may not find its way home again. We’ve got a much better way!

Announcing the ability for homeowners and anyone with access to the website, the ability to submit a Lost or Found report for a pet, complete with pet description, image, contact info, and the ability for the submitter to edit or remove. We’ve even built a set of components for administrators to manage all submissions to the website. While we would recommend that this new feature is made available to the community without signing in to the website, this plugin can be reserved for homeowner use only.

Click here to download and read the Lost and Found Pet Plugin Announcement

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